Little Green Men:
A Novel

Joseph Sidari

What's new on my BLOG . . . public appearances. . . What it's like to be a pregnant man . . .and what's on Charlie Rice's IPod -- his favorite UFO playlist.

Enjoy my latest short story, FINAL REVISION, published at Daily Science Fiction

This flash fiction asks the question: 
Can we revise the story of our lives with a few well placed keystrokes?

LITTLE GREEN MEN is now being represented by Christine Cohen, of the Virginia Kidd Agency


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       Mock Cover--Unpublished Novel

p r e g MAN t

When former confirmed bachelor Chris Pancione promised his new bride that he would do anything for her, he never imagined he’d wind up with swollen ankles, a craving for chocolate-covered Doritos, and a baby growing inside his woefully unprepared prepared abdomen. But now that his bun in the oven has nearly finished cooking, he must ask himself one question:

Am I man enough to become a mother?

These are the songs that Charlie Rice and his pals

have on their playlist in the pages of

If you like the music,
you'll love the book!
  • The Who—Who are you
  • B-52s—Planet Claire
  • Clapton—Change the world
  • Frank Sinatra—Fly me to the Moon
  • Blondie—Rapture
  • Bruce Springsteen—Spirit in the Night
  • The Who—I Can’t Explain
  • David Bowie—Space Oddity
  • Beatles—Across the Universe
  • Grateful Dead—Truckin’
  • Supertramp— Good-bye Stranger
  • Neil Diamond--Heartlight
  • Styx—Come Sail Away
  • Neil Young—After the Gold Rush

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