This is definitely not the kind of  
Little Green Man I am writing about . . .

Little Green Men:
A Novel

Joseph Sidari

I think you will find chapter 1 of my unpublished novel, Little Green Men, more interesting than my life story, but for the curious (and my family) here it is . . .

Born and raised outside of New York City, I grew up as a voracious reader of science fiction, fantasy and horror. My favorite authors included Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Kurt Vonnegut, JRR Tolkien, Lewis Carroll and Stephen King.

Once the realization set in that I could not grow up to be Captain Kirk, I left New York to attend College in Massachusetts where I became the first rugby player there to sing in a college choir. Or was I the first choir member to play rugby? Either way, I also majored in psychology and studied the craft of writing.

After that, I attended graduate school in Boston(which provides the locale for my unpublished novel, pregMANt). Eventually, I headed north, moving to the Granite State.

I worked and wrote in  the Lakes Region of New Hampshire for 10 years (which provides the inspiration and backdrop for this unpublished novel, LITTLE GREEN MEN). I eventually moved back to Boston, where I now write fiction.

My favorite author's these days span multiple genres, and include John Scalzi and Robert Sawyer; Chuck Palahniuk, Christopher Moore and Neil Gaiman, and of course, Stephen King.

I am currently working on a book two of this series.

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Charlie suffers from Tourette's Syndrome:
He confides in his pal, Goose, about his condition

“I knew it would be hard to keep from you—my partner. It was bad when I was a kid. Worse as a teenager. But in the past few years it’s been mild,” he said. “It only really flares up when I’m under stress—”

            “Then it’s good that as a paramedic you have a low pressure job,” quipped Goose. “What is it you’re talking about?”

            “I have Tourette’s Syndrome.” He let the words hang in the air.

            “No shit,” Goose said. “But you don’t swear near as much—”

            “That’s a misconception about Tourette’s. Uncontrolled obscenity is actually uncommon. I swore my fair share as a teen, but I haven’t had that type of vocal tic in years. I just tend to clear my throat.”

            “Oh,” said Goose. “I thought you needed to hock up a loogie, but were too polite.”

For more information about Tourette's Syndrome:

click the link, or read the book, Little Green Men, when it is published . . .
or better yet--do both!


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