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Little Green Men:
A Novel

Joseph Sidari

As the sole witness to a mysterious crash, small town paramedic Charlie Rice may be the only one who can prevent an alien fleet from colonizing the Earth by tapping into his latent psychic energy on an internet tabloid talk show.

Too bad all he really wants to do is find an apartment.

In this scene, he is interviewed by tabloid reporter, Virginia Sweetwater:

“Obviously,” Virginia said in the most serious of tones. “But you did claim to see—”            

“Little green men,” Charlie finished. “Yes, but—”            

“You know, Charlie, they really don’t like being called little green men," Virginia retorted. "How would you like to be referred to as a large pink man?”

Who knew extraterrestrials were so sensitive? Why  not read Chapter 1 and find out just how thin-skinned they are?

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Little Green Men

Charlie’s life would have been so delightfully mundane if that Dorito-shaped craft hadn’t made a swan dive in front of him. Or if he could have ignored the desperate cries for help—that had been inserted into his mind. And if the victims inside hadn’t been so small. So helpless. And so . . . green.

Now hunted by secret military operatives, harassed by the news-reporting paparazzi, and hounded by fanatical members of the Alien Abduction Society, he has become the focal point in a media circus and a government cover-up. Not bad for his first month in town.

Hmm, no. On second thought—very bad.

Aided by his foul-mouthed partner, a tree-hugging biology teacher, his elderly psychic landlady, and a plastic surgery-addicted reporter, Charlie will struggle to reclaim his quiet life, and to prove to the world what he is not.  He is not: crazy; the leader of a UFO cult; the carrier of an alien plague; handicapped by Tourette’s syndrome; and responsible for a little boy’s tragic death. He is, however, the only one who can negotiate with psychic aliens bent on colonizing Earth. But Charlie better not call them little green men—that sexist, racist and size-ist epithet might piss them off and ruin his chance of success.

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